Am I doing it right?

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  • Hi guys,

    I just started playing with Construct and would like to create a platform game one day. I created a prook of concept just to practice a few of the more common functions found but am not sure I'm doing it as well as I could.

    I'd apreciate any time people could spare to critque what I have so far.

    You can get a copy of my .cap file here

    I don't plan to use any of the artwork included, it's just for practice.

    I have a bug where if I shoot the goomba he will flash, if I walk in to him the collision still occurs. I'd like it so when the goomba collides he flashes but can no longer collide with mage untill it's position is reset.

    Any comments, advice welcome, Thanks!

  • You can add to the 5th event new condition which will compare the angle of the goomba and if the angle is 0 (goomba isn't upside down) - it will send the mage to the start. It will look something like this.

    + System: On collision between goomba (Pick) and mage (Pick)

    + goomba: Angle Equal to 0

    -> mage: Flash for 1 seconds with 0.1 seconds interval

    -> mage: Start ignoring user input

    -> Wait: Delay 1000 ms

    -> mage: Set position to 480, 325

    -> mage: Stop ignoring user input

  • Thanks for that Nooga.

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  • Nooga you gave me a good idea re checking if the goomba was upside down.

    I just realized that setting more than one condition in a block (I.e. sub events) was the same as using an IF, mutiple IF's or a Case statement in programming.

    Makes sense now thanks again.

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