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  • So, I've been scanning the forum for answer (like a good little forum user) but I've come across a question that needs professional help. Lol.

    So, I'll just post the .cap and let you examine it as I'm asking these questions.

    Basically, what I'm attempting to do is program the AI for a zombie game. They way I started was just using the Line of Sight behavior. It was awesome and worked perfectly. Until I turned my sprites solid. Then, that ruined it because as I learned, the LOS runs off hotspots. So, back to the forum. I learned you can shoot an object at the player if is within the LOS of enemy and if it hits him, viola!

    However, this only works with one enemy onscreen. I want individual enemies to have to see the player before attacking. The way I have it (since I don't know what I'm doing) is every zombie will fire a detector at the player (which works) but as soon as one hits him, ALL the zombies go after him. I need a way to make the zombies INDIVIDUALLY aware of the player. (by means of a private variable)

  • I have had the same problem in my game, I haven't come up with the solution I'm going to try for real yet, but here is how I think I'll do it.

    Create an object called "detector" and put it in the container of your zombie. This creates one for each zombie, and when you perform a "for each object" on the zombies, it will select the right contained detector.

    Make sure the sprite is invisible, but has box collision detection and resize it to the shoulder-width of the zombie (or smaller for finer detection). Then set the centre of the detector to its parent zombie, and stretch it to the player.

    If it doesn't overlap a wall while overlapping the player, it can see them. Might be handy to put a distance check in as well to ensure the player isn't miles away if you want.

    Anyway, I hope it works =]

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  • You just solved my problem. I had never heard of containers but it seems like a logical idea. Imma give it a shot in the morning and see what I can come up with.

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