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  • Hi there,

    I like to know if and how this is possible in Construct. I want a character to walk to the right if the player presses the right arrow and if he then presses the left arrow the character should turn an then walk to the left. Sounds easy. But how to I implement the turning animation?

    I thought of something like

    if pressed left and walking to the right then

    change playersprite to turn to left

    if turn to left is finished (how do I detect this?)

    walk to the left

    Hm does that make clear what I mean? It is a general problem with all transitions between different movements for example the same when the character is running ans then should stop (he shouldn't stop in an instant but make one or two stopping steps with his feet)

    Thanks for any advice on this!

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  • Try the "On animation finished" trigger condition.

    PS - To make it work properly, you will have to uncheck "Loop" on the animation. If it loops then the animation will never finish.

  • Yay! Thanks, just what I needed

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