Advanced Bumpmapping Shader

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  • I am at wits end with this code. I keep trying to change the bumpmapping fx code so instead of you setting the variable for the intensity the light object set's the intensity for you pending on the size of the light. I also want to change it so instead of having one intensity on the normal you can have as many as you need. This eliminate's having to create loads of bumpmaps in one layout and when i try to create lot's of bumpmaps the intensity does not carry on to other bumpmaps. Is there anyway i can achieve this?

    Usually if I write a bumpmap shader I write it like this:

    Vertex Color = emission + globalAmbient + sum(attenuation * spotlight *

    [lightAmbient + (max {L.N, 0} * diffuse) + (max {H.N, 0} ^ shininess)*specular])

    I know Construct does not support Vertex Shading which is another thing I would like to do with SDK but I know how that works. I actually feel quite embarrassed asking this since I am a coder and I should know what I am doing.

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