Adding Effects to Objects In-game

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  • Hellllo, I was working with Construct for a few months now and I recently started on the framework of my first serious project using it, however I have some questions:

    1.) Is it possible to Add an Effect to an object while in runtime? For example, in the Editor I create a Green box with No effects, can I later add an effect to the object inside the game? One way to do this is to add the effects for the Object and then disable them, however even if the effects are not loaded it takes VRAM =/. So is there a better way of doing t?

    2.) Can you Import graphics while in Runtime? For example, you create an object with a blank graphic, can you come back to that object and give it a graphic at a later time? The reason why I want to be able to do this is to make adding new content/expansions easier and with a smaller filesize. (Ie. Instead of just shipping an entirely new EXE with the changes as well as the old content, I just need to send out the changes)


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  • 1.) No, enable/ disable is it.

    2.) Yes, provided you have an object for it to replace.

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