How to add forced scrolling to a shooter?

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    I think that sketch should explain what I'm trying to do. Basically, I'd like to know what's the best way of implementing something like this.

    Despite lurking around for a while here, I don't have much experience with Construct, so I apologize for what I feel is a nub question. u_u I think I'm close to figuring it out but I don't want to do something inefficient when there's probably a clean way of doing it!


  • "Center View on Me" does this pretty well. The player is always the center of attention!

    Example Cap: ... tthing.cap

    EDIT: you can find it under attributes

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  • Thanks for the response! It's not what I'm looking for, however. It's not forced scrolling--it scrolls where the player goes. :P

    I wanted to replicate the arcade shooter type of scrolling. The best example I can get off the top of my head is this:

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    (ignore the particle stuff xP)

    In theory, I believe I need to create an object that will act as a camera, and move up, with the window following that. My player object will need to move independently from this scrolling (ie. always move relative to the ground, but stat still relative to the window frame when I'm not pressing any keys). I tried to assign the camera a custom movement for this task, but I can't figure out how to make it move.

    On load: camera: Set vertical speed: -10

    ..doesn't do anything. ): The wiki doesn't seem to have any usage examples either. Any resources for learning how to use it would be appreciated, too. x3

  • There's a tutorial about it by abhilash2863, scrolling shooters.

    But be aware, I'm not exactly sure if it would work for whatever newer version of Construct you're using. I haven't tested it. But whatever is said, the ideas are basically the same, just in case you need to make a work-around. Good luck!

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