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  • I need to know how to make acheivments and unlockables for my game, Down-Fall. I want these acheivements in my game

    > Zombie Slayer: kill 1000 zombies

    > Urban Survivior: complete the "Urban Dead" scenario

    > Buckets of Blood...on the dance floor: complete the "Blood on the Dance-Floor" scenario

    > Found in the Blizzard: complete the "Bloody Blizzard" scenario

    > Jungle Fever: complete the "Tropical Plague" scenario

    > For the last time...THIS ISN'T CALL OF DUTY!!!: complete the "Black-Ops" scenario

    > Fashion Maniac: unlock all character skins

    > Time-attack Pro: complete all 3 time-attack maps with the high score

    > Onslaught Juggernaught: complete all 3 onslaught maps with the high score

    > I'm a Zombie Fan: unlock all wallpapers

    > This music is KILLER: unlock all music tracks.

    I need to know, what I need to do to make this happen.



    > Character-Skins

    - Rambo: kill 250 zombies

    - Robo-Cop: complete the Urban Dead scenario 5 times

    - Track-Runner: play all the Time-attack maps

    - Man in the Trench-Coat: play all the onslaught maps

    > Wallpapers

    - Set 1: beat the urban dead scenario 3 times

    - Set 2: beat the black ops scenario 3 times

    - Set 3: beat the tropical plague scenario 3 times

    - Set 4: beat the bloody blizzard scenario 3 times

    - Set 5: beat the blood on the dance-floor scenario 3 times

    > Music

    - Track 1: get the high-score on the Public Assembly time-attack map

    - Track 2: get the high score on the Mines time-attack map

    - Track 3: get the high score on the Village time-attack map

    - Track 4: get the high score on the Tanker onslaught map

    - Track 5: get the high score on the Marsh-Lands onslaught map

    > Modes

    - Apcolapse Scenario: complete all scenarios

    - Nazi Zombies onslaught map: get all acheivements

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  • If you want to save the achievement stats to a file, take a look at INI files

    I'd say the easiest way to make it so you unlock it once is to check when the player meets the objectives then add the comparative condition

    INI.ItemValue("Achievements","Achievement1Unlocked") equals 0[/code:1xxowpsc] 
    so that it only does it when the achievement isn't already unlocked
  • Is there anyway to do it without using Phyton?

  • Take a look at variables. You can make a variable on zombie deaths and add 1 to the variable every time a zombie is killed.

    Then add a system event that checks the variable. When it's equal or higher than 1000, your achievement is unlocked.

    edit: not sure on how you would save your progress..

  • Thanks again! This has helped alot, mabye I could use the same system on the others as well. Like for a unlockable I have, you need to complete it 3 times to get the unlockable, every time I complete it, I could add 1 to the variable until you get three...

  • Ah, what I shared must look like Python, but don't worry, its all done with events. Take a look at the map editor/loader I made here:

  • What does that do? I know I must sound like a retard but I'm only 14 and new to construct, take it easy please

  • Heh, no problem. It's a map editor that lets you place objects and save their positions and then later load them again. I sent you the link so you could download the cap files and see how they work.

    However, I will try to create an achievments cap/tutorial for you and post a link here later (probably over the weekend as I will be pretty busy for the rest of this week ).

  • Here is one way to do achievements: made in 0.99.97

  • Jayjay and R0J0hound, wanted to let you know that I downloaded your examples, thanks.

  • Jayjay and R0J0hound, wanted to let you know that I downloaded your examples, thanks.

    Awesome, glad to hear they're put to use

    Edit: Incase anyone wants to see a cap just for saving and loading achievements, see here

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