accessing newly instantiated Widgets

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  • What method, if any, is the correct way to get a reference to a newly instantiated object?

    I have an object called Widget, which I want to create many instantiations of using Python. After creating a new Widget, I want to access it so I can modify its properties. However, I don't know how to get a reference to the new Widget.

    I thought System.CreateObjectByName() would return a reference to the new Widget, but it doesn't.

    I thought that I could get the new Widget by accessing the last element of the Widget[] array, but it seems like the array doesn't add the new objects right away. (maybe it waits until the next frame?)

    Here is a .cap showing my failed attempts.


    (I'm using Construct version 0.99.96, if that's relevant)

  • With the the latest version of Construct(0.99.93) you can reference a newly created object in python like so:

    objRef=SOL.Sprite  #this gets the reference of the new Sprite.

    My logic tells me this is what you're looking for, hopefully. Not much of a python user myself.

    And welcome to the community magicalblender!

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  • Thanks for your help. That is precisely what I was looking for.

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