3Dbox crash when trying to change texture

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  • Hi everyone,

    I got this little problem with my game:

    When i want to change a texture on one face of a 3dbox in my cap, construct crashes.

    It already happened before but somehow it was resolved(i think it was because i removed the .persist file).

    But now it's happening again. I removed the .persist file but it's still happening. Actually, even if i just open one face, and close it without saving, construct crashes. It happens with any of the boxes in the game.

    I tried on 2 different computers (both win7), and i got the same results.

    It doesn't happen when i create a new file, i can open/change the faces, it doesn't crash.

    Does anyone know how i can fix this? Or do i have to revert to good old tiled background and sprites?

    Would be sad because i liked the depth from the boxes. I use them to create sideview rooms/corridors and the player is inside the boxes :

    <img src="http://prawnsushi.free.fr/bazar/EC1.jpg">

    (Don't pay attention to placeholder textures or sprites)

    I tried to use the pattern effect to mimic the perspective but it just look stretched and blurry on the sides...

    Thanks in advance

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