Make a 3D Third Person Shooter with Construct? Maybe

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  • Ehy guys i took a look at the 3D Wolfeinstein-like game demo in the plugins forum, and that gave me an idea.

    i'm not very good with construct but i tought it could have been used in an other way. i put the sprite of a human taken from behind in place of the gun and i moved it to the center of the screen (or a bit less), then i made the animation for when it's walking (very poorly, it was just a try) and i resized the invisible sprite which the player movesso that it collide a bit more far with the walls (so that the sprite, always seen in third person, cannot pass trought walls).

    Adding a mouse-controlled pointer, using better textures and being a real expert with construct, i think that an amazing third person shooter (like... metal arms for playstation 2, it's the only one i remeber now with that kind of camera) would be possible... so i opened this topic, hoping some of you guysmuch more expert than me take a look at this idea and try to realize it better than how i did.

    i hope my english was comprensible, if not so, please ask ^^

  • Well, as it says in the FAQ, Construct is not really a 3D games tool. You might be able to make a few 3D things move around and such, but I really think you'll have a tough time making a decent, fully 3D game.

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  • i added mouselook to that demo and posted it on the second page. i think a 3rd person Doom/wolfenstein style shooter would be possible. but now that today's technology allows gamers to play in full 3D environments, i'm not so sure a doom/wolfenstein style shooter would be very attractive to users.

  • i'm not so sure a doom/wolfenstein style shooter would be very attractive to users.

    You'd be surprised, the desire for retro styled games is pretty high amongst the indie crowd, and there's a shortage of retro looking 3D games.

    Sure, "hardcore" gamers would be turned off by it, but... they just don't get it

  • ive actually tried making jumping in the wolf3d thing, its pretty easy, i just dont care all that much about it . im sure someone could make this, but if you want it, youre going to have to be the one to do it ).

  • who said it was for me?

    i was just saying that if someone wanted to do that, it was possible

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