3d platform (w or w/o 3dBox)

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  • hello

    what i want is some kind of semi 3d platform for my character to rest on.

    <img src="http://cgl3d.com/temp/foot3d.jpg">

    as you can see my sprite is standing as his right foot on a 3d platform(3dbox). i manage to make the platform 3d and make him rest there beautifully but my problem is i can't make the platform with a tiled texture on it. so my only non-effective solution is make lots of 3dboxes or use a huge texture, which i can only get the same result by only making the texture tile on the 3dbox object -just like the background tile object-.

    Any idea how i can get this effect with or w/o 3dbox ?

  • This sounds like a feature request to have an option to make the 3D Box tileable. (Which I believe has been made at some point. A checkbox for "Repeat Texture" would work, and if unchecked it would just stretch like normal.)

    As for making this without the 3D box... well, the Sprite has a skew action that you could use. But unfortunately the Sprite doesn't tile either. Then again, sprites are a lot less GPU intensive than 3D Boxes, and there's also talk of Z Depth options for sprites in the upcoming build, so that might make things easier.

    My advice would be to use the 3D Box... but just make different sized boxes that you could use. Like, a 1x1x1, a 2x1x1, and a 4x1x1. That way you could manually make a repeating texture for the longer boxes. And having boxes that are 4 units long instead of 1 would take fewer boxes to build the levels you need, and having the smaller sizes will help fill in the details.

    Here's another tip: For some reason having a lot of 3D boxes in your level will affect FPS even if they're not onscreen. Turning the visibility off on any boxes that are a little bit outside of the viewable area will improve performance a lot. This is something I discovered with Arsonide when I was helping him with his game.

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  • The 3D box object is kind of experimental right now. Log a feature request for this and maybe we'll get round to it some time, but FYI I'd expect this only to be possible with power-of-two-sized textures (eg. 256x256, 512x512 etc).

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