3D objects don't load

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  • Hi there,

    I have a really big problem with my actual project. If i insert some 3D models and run the cap out of construct it works like it should. I can see all the models on the screen with their textures on it.

    If i export an exe and send it to a friend, it does not load any of the 3d objects and all he gets is a black screen. The objects itself are located in the same folder as the exe. On my own computer the exe still loads the 3d models even if i move the exe somewehre else.

    In short: the cap works, the exe does not.

    There must be something wrong with the path to the objects, but only after exporting to an exe.

  • Try to give the path name like this:

    AppPath + "model01.obj"

    You can find AppPath in the System object("application directory", something like that). For some reason sometimes it works without AppPath, sometimes it doesnt, you should allways use it - if you do, then sorry, right now this is the first thing that I have in mind.

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  • Thank you for your quick answer. I can not set the path to the object at runtime. I have to write the path in the object properties itself. But there it does not not work with the AppPath expression.

    It think it uses absolute pathes instead of relative, but i can not do anything to fix this because i can not use AppPath in there. If i use it in there it will not load anything.

  • Can you upload a zip file with the EXE and models in the same folder? I have a feeling your friend might need to update their DirectX or graphics drivers. If possible can you post their operating system and whether it's 64 or 32bit? Vista is known to have random problems with Construct Classic.

  • UnixRoot

    Ouch, sorry, I didnt knew that, I'm not using 3d objects at all.:\

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