3d object stability?

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  • Hi all - is the 3d object in the latest vesion safely useable?

    I imported an object last night and got one "invalid texture" bug error

    and then after that, every time I did a "run all", after exiting the app, construct crashes..

    The object is small, about 12 polys and has one 64x64 texture map, so I don`t think i`m pushing construct too hard.....

    thx as always

  • I've used it quite a bit with good results, an object like that shouldn't be a problem. Depending on the software you used to make the model you might want to try another native format to obj converter if you suspect that the obj itself is somehow broken.

    You might already know this but keep in mind that you can make good use of meshes too (mesh editor found in Construct\Tools\Mesh Editor\Mesh Editor.exe), they clip correctly with 3D objects and I've found them much better for certain situations.

    Entire scenes can be made out of meshes too, I made this back in early 2010. The boxes are 3D boxes while everything else is meshed. <img src="http://planar-studios.com/ztg/r2/img/proj/planar/stneur/stneur_2.jpg" border="0">

    Edit: And to actually answer the question: as far as I know the 3D object plugin was initially a bit of a makeshift solution and there were plans on replacing the library that was used with a better one. Unfortunately it's been so long that I don't remember whether the new version was ever finished or bundled with Construct releases but I remember it existing.

    Looking at the SVN reveals that the use of the library was indeed implemented and released.

  • thanks.. I will try a little more with it.. i think i will only be using a few 3d objects in my game, probably no more than 4-5, so I guess i will revert to an earlier version of my game and reinsert the object and see if it crashes again..

    I'm using max 9 for .obj creation, the object seems fine, and everything looks as it should, it was just after every RUN, it crashed a few seconds after i returned to editing in construct.....

  • tried it again, built a new mesh, exported with minimal settings from max9, built a new texture, this time 16x16, same result.. "invalid texture was referenced" bug message and crashed...

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  • Try this CC r2 cap:


    It's a simple quick object I made and exported in blender. See if it works, if it does then I'd point a finger at Max's exporter.

  • Is it max 9 or max 2009? If the former, grab the free GuruWare .obj exporter - it's included in the newer versions. As for the error, I'd wager it's something with your graphics card - drivers maybe or invalid mapping on the mesh - double check your UVs in max just in case.

    I have yet to encounter a crash with .objs exported from max and my "game" uses them quite extensively.

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