3d object problem

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  • hi guys.

    i got a (hopefully) small problem. i started experimenting with 3D objects. thought i'd make a driving section for my game. was thinking of using 3D onject to make buildings and stuff. (well actually just buildings).

    but theres a weird issue, the textures on a 3D object are somehow messed up. at least when i put a "roof" texture,it shows at the bottom of the 3D object,and the inside of the building is visible when the roof should be covering it.

    sorry if i sound complicated. anyway,heres a cap, if someone wants to help poor old me.

    thanks in advance.


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  • You need to enable "3D layering" for the layer that your 3D boxes are on. This option is in the layer properties panel, which you can access by goin to the layers tab on the right side of the screen and clicking on the correct layer; the properties for the selected layer will be on the left.

  • ugh i feel stupid once again for not looking hard enough. construct can be rather punishing sometimes for noobs lol. but eh, my memo is filling up nicely, got a good list to troubleshoot when probs arise. thank god there are people willing to help here too.

    but anyway,thank you,it worked.

  • dont want to make a new topic,since this is kind of connected to my first issue, but i was wondering if anyone have any good tips for collision. i really dont like the way my car is bumping off to reverse from every solid object. is there a way to adjust collision between my car sprite and those 3D objects?

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