3d box 'pitch' question? (SOLVED)

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  • Can anybody help me with the following-

    My game has the following objects

    A 3d Box object (gun) with 2 buttons(up and down) that change the boxes pitch.

    A cross-hair sight that only moves in the Y direction (depending on the 3d boxes pitch)

    The 3d boxes pitch range needs start at 24 degrees and end at -24 degrees.

    When the 3d boxes pitch is at 24 the cross-hair's Y position should be 240.

    When the 3d boxes pitch is at -24 the cross-hair's Y position should be 440.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22173473/question.png">

    Thanks in advance.

  • 440 or 480?


  • 440 or 480?


    (The Y is 440)

    Thanks for responding, my next question is how do i implement this?

    For example i have the following event(s)

    + down: Button clicked

    -> barrel: Set pitch to barrel.Pitch-1 degrees.

    What condition/ event combination would i use to set the 'crosshair's Y position?

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  • Thanks Lucid, i downloaded your 'quicklerptut' example and worked it out from that.


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