3D Box not sitting correctly with rotating layer

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  • I've mentioned this in a post in the feature request forum, but seeing as it may get lost as a possible bug in there, I thought I'd create a thread for it here.

    I've also submitted a bug report for it.

    When rotating a layer with a 3D Box on it, the 3D Box doesn't not behave as it should.

    To reproduce it, place a few sprites on a layer, place a 3D Box next to them, and then rotate the layer.

    To me, it looks like it's either using another co-ordinate system, or it's just not being associated with the layer in the rotation code.


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  • Just a further note on this.

    The physical presence of the block on the layout seems to be correct, as objects treat them as obstacles when hitting them, it's just that they aren't in view because they've disappeared off the screen.

    Also wondering if the Dev's have any thoughts on this problem, and whether it's something that going to be looked at/something that's worth them fixing.

    If not, I'll concentrate on other projects, because the 3D Boxes are important to the look of the game.


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