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  • I have yet another problem. I am trying to make a Maria Galaxy style platformer. This is basicly a round object as a planet, and the gravity pulling towards this planet. That is all good, but I cant make the player move acording to the angle of the surface he is on. With game maker there is a command lengthdir_x and lengthdir_y. What would the function be in Construct? Also jumping acording to the players position. Thanks.

  • Considering how gravity functions in platformer behavior, I'm not sure if this would be possible without doing custom movement.

  • Oh yes. It is using the custom movement. It uses change speed towards object for the gravity. But when I make it move horizontally, it doesnt move toward the planet untill it isnt moving any more :S

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  • My god, you are a gem! That works! The jumping to and from planets is using an object way bigger than the planet object as an invisible atmosphere so it only does the gravity thing when overlapping the big object. Thank you very much

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