Visual Studio Express 2010 for Plugins?

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  • Anybody know if 2010 Express works for making Construct plugins?

    I know the 2008 Express version works with some tweaking... but I ran into bugs in certain more complex MFC cases. I still think that Construct 2 should support plugins written with the Express version.

  • It should work, what are the bugs?

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  • Awhile back I was going to make a screenshot plugin... I don't think it is Construct related, but I was trying to compile some code I found for taking screenshots that used MFC. I was using VIsual Studio Express 2008. I kept on getting errors and wasn't able to resolve them. I figured if it didn't work with plain old express then it definitely wont work as a plugin. I can't locate the code right who knows maybe I was just being a noob. However, from what I understand the DDK doesn't necessarily work with all features of MFC according to this: ... press.aspx

    Edit: So it looks like it will work fine for plugins, but just don't plan on using all MFC or ATL features. ... mspx#EXLAE

    [August 2009] ATL Best Practice - Use the Visual Studio release


    ATL is included in the WDK as a convenience for driver developers who need to create Windows applets for their drivers. ATL should not be used for software development beyond this scope. The ATL that is available through Visual Studio provides a more complete and current set of libraries and should be used for development of software and web applications. Visual C++ Express Edition is available for free from MSDN. """

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