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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • This thread will have a complete list of all the parts of Construct that can be translated.

    Currently most of the common tools and areas of Construct used have been translated, with the notable exception being the System Object and other plugins.

    Bolded areas have been recently checked and completed.

    Translateable areas

    - About dialog

    - Animator bar/animation properties

    • Attribute manager dialog

    - Bar names

    • Confirmations
    • Edit comment dialog
    • Error dialog
    • Event group dialog
    • Event sheet editor

    - General terms

    - Insert object dialog

    • Layout editor (incomplete)

    - Layer properties

    - Layout properties

    • Object categories
    • Object information dialog

    - Project bar

    - Resource bar

    • Ribbon

    - Tabs (at the bottom of the editor)

    Areas still to be made translateable

    • Add transition dialog
    • Application properties
    • Array paste dialog
    • Attributes
    • Export wizard dialog
    • Family manager dialog
    • Find and replace dialog
    • Manage event sheet dialog
    • Manage global vairbales
    • Object properties
    • System object
  • is a french translation needed or helpful? if so i volunteer. I may not be the top translator but i am willing to help spread the love in french community.

  • i'd work on a japanese translation but unicode doesn't seem to work, so i don't know how i'd actually use japanese characters. it just acts like there's nothing typed there.

  • Yes, that is a problem.. we'll have to look into that soon.

  • Hi there,

    As the people on this forum are very helpful to me, I reckon I could do something back. So hereby, I present to you, the Dutch translation of Construct 0.98.5:

    There doesn't seem to be an option yet to change language, so you'll just have replace the English text files to use it, it seems. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I hope this helps someone.

    Edit: bug found: when I use my translation, the Object Categories don't work anymore.

    Edit: bug 2 found: when I use my translation, the Object Properties don't work anymore.

  • Thanks for the translations.

    As stated above, things like object properties aren't done, so they may well break if you translate them .

    I'm going to try do make more stuff translateable for the next build, so probably better to wait for then.

  • OK, I'll be back next build then.

  • I will translate Construct to czech language.

    (Czech Republic is a small country in central europe...)

  • My french translate:French (FR) beta1

    I have translated 98% of the interface.

    I also translate models and comment files. ... is-t28.htm

    And french tutorials at

    The complete translation disrupts the functioning of Construct.

    example: the 'solid' do not work if translated. (solid translate to Solide), as 'Center view on me'.

    In Attributes.txt

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  • I can do spanish translation but I'm way busy at the moment :s

    at the end of october hopefully I'll be done with what is keeping me busy.

  • I will translate Construct to czech language.

    (Czech Republic is a small country in central europe...)

    Hmmm i will translate to czech but i have not time. You can not good english speaker or writer and construct is very easy in english. I am not good writer or speaker too.

    This is my reply at cz/svk forum: ... hp?f=2&t=8

  • I will translate Construct to czech language.

    (Czech Republic is a small country in central europe...)

    Jak daleko je preklad?

  • Vyskitli sa urcit� komplik�cie, ale inak je asi 20%, niesom si ist� ci to s�m zvl�dnem

  • I have seen this article too late :(

  • Does not support General.txt fully in 2byte language (jp,kr,etc..)

    word "System" breaks


    name and result translation also breaks

    object-information dialog

    Parameters and Description also breaks



    Expression of Unbounded scrolling is not displayd and alternatively It displays the name of it (displays Unbounded scrolling one more time)

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