how do i step through the code execution in construct ?

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  • I am getting lot of crash and not sure which scenario it is causing. how do i debug through my events, actions in construct? I really need to do this otherwise there is no way i can find what is reason for crash.

    please reply asap if you know the answer as i am stuck with critical project and we have 4 days to delivery deadline..thanks

  • You can toggle events on and off to see what happens with them. Also this should be in the help/tech Support section unless you are talking about a plugin you are making. If you can figure it out try posting the .cap and we can help you.

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  • thanks for quick reply. i cant put .cap on the net since we are working for a company where we patent these stuff.

    so we need a way to debug or step into the code to see problem. is there atleast some logging we can enable with our events?

    our logic is jus having to rotate a wheel of fortune types and award the money. every event is interlinked and we cannot toggle it to see if it crashes or not since the whole funcitonality will be turned off.

  • i got the source code downloaded from sourceforge and tried compiling. but i am stuck with ProfUIS284ym.lib dll. cant find this dll. looks like doesnt have this version available.

    any ideas?

  • You dont need the source and with out a better description of how your events work or without seeing them I can help you very much. If you want o PM me the cap I can take a look I doubt anyone here is likely to steal your work.

    have you tried running in debug mode?

  • Strictly speaking you need to purchase the Prof-UIS interface library to compile the IDE. However, if it's the runtime crashing, you don't need Prof-UIS (nor ProfUIS284ym.lib) to compile the runtime, but you will need the DirectX 9 SDK. Debugging the IDE won't actually help if the runtime is crashing.

    Which module is the crash in? If it's a .csx that should tell you which plugin the crash is caused by. You could also try running the .cap via 'Debug application' in Construct, and see if it can tell you any more about the crash.

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