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  • Hi huys !

    I'm Orion-Pyro and I'm looking for the source code of the "Object Pairer" plugin. But unfortunately I couldn't find it in Construct's sources.

    So here are my questions :

    • Is this plugin Open-Source ?
    • If yes, where can I find it ?

    I'm very interrested by this plugin, I hope you guys will reply soon.

    Thanks :) !

  • Hey. I've tried asking for objects that aren't already on the svn, and usually they don't get uploaded at least not in a timely manner, but if it isn't on the svn, you can still ask questions about how it works. Any questions in particular? Or just wanted to examine it in general?

  • I just wanted to know how it works. Why don't developper release the source code of this since the Construct's one is ?

  • Bump.

  • They're just busy with c2, and haven't had a chance to hunt down all the code that was never on the svn. There's only one or two ways it could've worked. I can explain it if you'd much do you know the sdk so far? And how much c++? so I can go into extra detail, or not go where needed

  • I actually don't know anything about SDK, I just try to read C++ code (roughly). The only thing I'd like to know is "how it works" at middle-level.

    So yes, if you can explain it to me, i don't deny :)

  • I think that's one of Rich's plugs, a developer who's no longer around, so the source may never be available. However its a fairly simple plug, and you can probably figure out the basics by reading the dev forum, picking, for each, etc.

  • It's actually David's, just checked it.

    Anyway I guess I gotta read dev forum's topics in order to get how it works :)

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  • it'll probably take some poking around in the sdk and plugin's source to fully understand this, but basically, there are pointers to construct objects. objects like 'sprite', or 'particles'

    these pointers are CRunObject* variables;

    one way it could work is by having a vector(like an array, but it can change size) or list of CRunObject*'s for the source objects

    and a vector of vectors of paired CRunObject*'s for all the objects it's linked to

    when the 'for each paired object' condition is called

    it loops through the source object vector, comparing each item with the selected type, and then the

    'pick paired' condition loops through the vector within a vector of linked objects finding all the ones it's linked to of that type

    let's say it found one at


    then it would go to the vector of paired objects at pairedobjects[5]

    and if it found the object say at pairedobjects[5][3] it adds it to the picking list

    if you need more specifics about the actual commands to do any of this, let me know, but that's how it works in a general way. the picking list is a list of pointers to specific objects that are currently picked in construct, and all plugins have access to read or change it

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