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    Hello <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /> Following on from my last post on SDL I decided to bring together all the progress updates and releases into this post, which I will keep up to date.

    It would be helpful if this could be stickied or something, but it doesn't matter much.

    What's done

    • Creating an SDL window, initialising all frames and images into SDL surfaces
    • Drawing frame background colours
    • Sprite renders with animations
    • Alpha channels
    • Rotations

    To do before release

    • Fonts

    Though I have a fulltime job my workload at this time of year is very low, so I can work on this for a few hours a day.



    OpenGL goes hand in hand with SDL alot of the time, so after I finish fonts, more drawing functions and such that is the next logical step.


    I had a quick look at Construct's effects engine and to be honest it's very complex and I didn't understand much of it.. OpenGL effects and shaders are different to the HLSL ones, but nonetheless I can give it a go after OpenGL.

    Other platforms?

    The SDL libraries i've used (for reference, SDL, SDL Image, SDL GFX) are compatible with at least Windows (back to 95), Linux, Mac, BeOS. There is a possibility of ports to other runtimes if another developer steps in.

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  • I didn't understand much of it.. OpenGL effects and shaders are different to the HLSL ones

    Couldn't be possible maybe to develop specific OpenGL effects?

    Replacing all effects and eventually change some events wouldn't be such a high price to pay when for, in example, "converting" my DirectX game in a Mac version..

  • Sounds great!

  • Sweet!

  • I've sent my work to Ashley and it looks as if he's integrated it with the codebase. We'll see what happens soon.


  • Any big update on this at all?

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