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  • Hi,

    I open the SDK vc8 static project and VC++ Express 2008 wants to convert it to its new format. Nothing seems to go wrong during this process.

    When I later build the SDK it bails out with a line like this:

    [quote:1rgjzppk]BSCMAKE: error BK1506 : cannot open file '.\Release\ConstructSDK.sbr': No such file or directory

    I have Construct installed in C:\Program Files\Scirra\Construct

    and the SDK folder (containing the template folders) is at C:\Program Files\Scirra\Construct\SDK

    Did I do something wrong? Why is there a file missing? Where can I find it?

    Thankful for any help.

  • Figured out what the problem with this was...

    I'm sure you got an error about not finding atlstr.h as well...

    ATL isn't included with the Visual Studio Express editions Unfortunately, and only with the full Visual Studio...

    Which means I'll have to wait till I get back to school so I can get Visual Studio installed on my machine again to mess with the SDK... (I had to reformat a few weeks ago...)

  • The SDK uses CStrings for strings in the MFC configuration. In the Win32 build, MFC obviously isn't there, so instead I manually included the ATL CString by including atlstr.h, which provides a CString implementation.

    You could try the MFC DLL configuration, for which there is also a VS 2005 .sln file. Important that one in to VS 2008 might give you better luck.

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  • Unfortuantly, it doesn't work either... I found out that VC++ express doesn't come with MFC support as well as that's for the paid versions...

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