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  • hey guys, i'm just curious; by skimming this section i found a lot of us asking how to use the SDK with visual studio express.

    By any chance will someone make a package usuable for Express or another open-source IDE or i just dream in color. (I know express isnt open-source at all)

    But since construct is open-source, it would follow the line to encourage the use of open-source software no?

    what do you think.

  • You can't use express to make anything with Construct. Some alternative would be nice, but anyone looking to make plugins for Construct has to use the professional version of VC++.

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  • It's probably possible to fiddle with the SDK and make it work on Express - I'm not sure if the SDK will be able to port to non-Microsoft compilers, though. I haven't tried. If other compilers implement member-function pointers differently, you're pretty much out of luck, because the SDK depends on that.

  • I can't see why the SDK wouldn't work with express, is there any specific errors which prevent it working? (You'd have to use the WinAPI one, not the MFC one).

  • I downloaded exprress and sadly it din't really work.. because of ALT.. aonly comes on standard or professional

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