rerunning current condition from within expressions

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  • I understand that the whole SOL system wasn't designed for this type of thing, but still,

    I've been experimenting with SOL_MODIFYing expressions

    where you would normally choose an object param like

    Set Sprite1s Position to Object Sprite2[/code:3oxnfag5]
    you would right click the object parameter value and Use Expression
    and then MyObject.MyExpression returns a string with the name of an objecttype saved in an CRunObjType pointer
    The expression is set to be a SOL_MODIFIER
    and within the expression the SOL is modified to pick an object in a CRunObject pointer
    this works perfectly, and I can make an object position itself to a specific instance saved in the CRunObject pointer, without any prior picking
    however, if there is a condition or action that is a SOL_MODIFIER it doesn't work
    is there a way to force the current condition to reevaluate itself?
    or something like OnFrame but for Events that is called before actions are run, or after a condition is run?
    specifically one that is safe for SOL_MODIFIcation?
    is the purpose of the PARAM_CUSTOM
    to be able to use any  C++ type as a parameter by returning it a ret.ReturnCustom ?
    and would it be possible to use the array parameter if done with an expression that returns an arraytype?
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