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  • I get plugin not found error when compiling the python runtime dx9_s.exe and then exporting my python project. when I try to run my python project after compiling the dx9_s runtime I get failed to load plugin.

    Any ideas? I compiled the python runtime with python26.

    What version of python26 was the runtimes originally created using?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • It works for me.

    I'm using python 2.6.4 but the latest 2.6.x version should work.

    I uncommented "//#define python" from stdafx.h and built DX9_p.exe and DX9.exe.

    I then renamed them to DX9_ps.exe and DX9_s.exe.

    Then with scripting enabled in Construct I was able to both preview and export with no issues.

    If you build the non python runtimes are you able to preview and export cap files with scripting disabled?

  • Hi Yes, I'm able to preview and export the built runtimes with python disabled. I will try to use python 2.6.4 and see if that helps.

    Also I'm running windows vista 32 bit and Construct Classic seems not to work with vista areo is enabled. Do you know why or how I can fix this issue?


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  • ok thanks I found out what I did wrong. I renamed DX9_ps to DX9_s instead of DX9 to DX9_s thank you for your help but do you have any idea how to fix the vista areo crash?

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