physics plugin on the cvs and one question

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  • physics plugin on the cvs please

    and, I know how reading text online can make something sound sarcastic or otherwise negative

    but please don't take it that way. this really is just a direct question with no passive aggressive undertones

    why don't these requests ever get uploaded to the cvs?

    is it really annoying to add them there for some reason?

    not in every case, but usually these requests are just completely ignored, with no reply, which makes it that much more confusing. at first I thought some of the plugins I was requesting were offlimits, but once i caught ashley in chat, and he sent me a rar file of a plugin right then and there.

    I'm just curious, because, never having worked with this whole cvs thing much, it seems like it would be a simple 30 second thing to do

    anyway, I appreciate everything you guys do, I just have never understood why the plugin source requests are almost invariably ignored

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  • Well it is GPL so everything official should be made public. Then again they get to decide whats official. Test builds, etc. dont necessarily have to be included, but after 1.0 I's have to be dotted, and t's crossed.

  • It's already there, but it's in the "Behaviors" folder instead of the "Plugins" folder.

  • ahahahah!!!!


    thanks guys!!!

    either way though...I'm kinda curious about why it's usually ignored

    I'm sure there is a good reason, or upload to the cvs is more involved than it seems

    just wondering anyway

    thanks linkman,

    I thought I had looked before

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