C++ networking library

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  • Hey! First i wanna say that i can't script C++, and im not sure if it is right to put the link here or in another part of the forum(or another forum ). (just googled around and stumbled across it)

    I have found this C++ library: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zige/

    As described on sourceforge: [quote:3343hqlp]ZIG is a free, extendable, C/C++ client-server game networking library with lots of helper features. Together with your favourite multimedia library (e.g: Allegro, SDL, OpenGL) you can build a full client/server game or engine.

    I know that Construct plug-ins use C++ so i wonder if someone could make this into a plug-in?

    If that is so, who knows, we might have a networking plug-in soon...

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  • The project looks nice and it is a wrapper on hawkNL which is good. Only bad thing is it hasn't been developed since 2007 so I don't know what state it is in.

    p.s. With three years of dev from 2004- 2007 it might actually be robust! Good find.

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