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  • Bump.....

    Is anybody still working on a network plugin? I've been considering trying to make a simple wrapper around a few basic functions in either Enet or Voidcom. Just to start learning plugins and brush up on my C++. Probably not the best plugin to tackle initially.. but heh I will plan on only implementing the basic features (message passing for the most part).

    Anybody working on one still?

    Why this is happening only in cases concerning the SFML library, I have no idea. Maybe somebody could help me out with this if I were to supply the code?

    I think either Enet or Voidcom would be a much better solution for a plugin that using SFML. They take care of alot of the asyncronous event handling for you and also have a nicer event callback interface. Wanna maybe give one of those libraries a shot with me? I'm a plugin noob though so would take some time to get up to speed.

  • This might be too low level, but Boost.Asio might work.

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  • I was going to suggest DirectX's DirectPlay, as that would provide a ton of features, including the ability to handle NATs. But it looks like Microsoft killed it...whyyyyyy. :C

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