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  • Hi, im a user of multimedia fusion 2 and scirra now, if you are in need for menus designs, or icons for the software scirra i can help you .

    this is my portfolio online


  • Wow, those graphics are amazing. What do you usually use to make them?

  • i use photoshop , after effects and 3ds max

  • Have you finished anything playable in MMF2 or Construct? I'd like to try it, because your graphics are great.

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  • no i never fisnished a game in mmf2 because its too many bugs, or sometimes its impossible to do a game like a rpg, or adventure game, or rts.

    Adventure games are impossible to create in mmf2, because its no pathfinding for characters, so its hard to create.

    Plateforms games are possible but mmf2 is not pixel perfect SO its a lot of bugs to check by yourself and try to find a solution, but almost of time your character stay overlapping another obstacle and bye bye.

    i can exaplain a lot...but when a sofwtare is not ready for give to the users the real liberty for making games...

    For scirra im new, so i prefer to wait the real version 2, with a lot of corrections, and updates, i have to wait but my graphics for 3 future games are almost ready, so the only thing i can do is...wait, and wait more....

  • Umm about your help... is it payed? O.o

    I mean, its hard to belive that an artist of your skills and talent caliber would be willing to help and indie dev for free. At least the last 39 ive asked wasnt lol

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