Interested in working on Construct Classic?

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    I would definitely be interested in helping to add to Construct. :)

    Just bringing the topic to life:D

    Is there a new release of CC coming ? I was trying to do something in it that needed the Canvas plugin but it's broken on 1.2 release. How is it's state now ?

    I could be interested in helping with CC development but i can't stand C++ . When you code in C# for too much that's what happens :)

    canvas worked for me when I was working on it. for the next version, a memory leak in canvas is fixed, and distort maps have been added

    I hear Construct Classic R2 makes a nice stocking stuffer....

    Maybe i forgot how to use canvas but Paste Object didn't work for me last i tried.

    I love CC for its open-sourcedness. That's why I came and got involved! Seems that since the source was handed to the community, progress has ground to a halt though :(

    The next runner-up to CC is GameDevelop, which is free but not open source. It's good, and has a few things I wish CC had, but CC still blows it away. The main areas where CC needs some TLC are fixing bugs (Lots of them, and many little annoyances. Things that should work, don't.), half-baked or missing features (screensaver check box, anyone?) and portability (Which is unlikely to happen, ever. CC was made, pretty much, for DX9 only.).

    I still love CC, but I'm somewhat afraid to go on with it with the chance that the project may become dead sooner than later (or as I see it anyways). The main hindrance to CC going forward is, seeing that it was made by still-learning college students, that it is clunky and not very flexible (outside of plugins, I mean).

    Love to help, but I haven't done any C++ since highschool (and that was just baby-step-C++), nor do I have the time (which adds me to the list of people that have critique but no real intent to help). Oh well, complain about free stuff why don't I?

    I still love CC, but I'm somewhat afraid to go on with it with the chance that the project may become dead sooner than later (or as I see it anyways). The main hindrance to CC going forward is, seeing that it was made by still-learning college students, that it is clunky and not very flexible (outside of plugins, I mean).

    -The following is not directly addressed to you, but is more a general summary of experiences and thoughts-

    I wouldn't look to much forward. Take the actual copy of CC and stick with it for the whole project. Use workarounds for missing features or bugs and do your project. Besides many complaints, CC is stable enough to do extensive projects. Add 's' and Python, and there is the flexibility.

    From my experience over the last two years I learned that many, if not most, of the rumors about instability or some bugs are in fact just misuse of CC and its tools. For example, there are lots o people having problems with XAudio2, although it is rock-solid and a workhorse if you just learn about the principles. Or saving projects: why is CC to blame if I save half a million times to the same file and suddenly have a corrupt file? Or the neverending story of grid based tile editing: CC has a completely different approach, still so many complain that it isn't comfortable to work with grid based tiling. The answer is so simple: Just don't do it. Every tile grid construction can be realized much easier and more comfortable by layering object based tiles. It is as if people would drive a car and complain that you can't use a saddle.

    Some features never were finished and that's sad, but it doesn't prevent projects per se. For example, the file object is a mess, but 's' offers more than enough to compensate and create your own file format. With Python you can even go as deep as writing bytewise to your files, if you wish so.

    Shader effects, one of the most powerful features that CC offers, are very rarely used. They can give your project this wonderful final professional touch.

    The event system is not just one of the most flexible solutions when trying to give a simple usage for beginners and still let the advanced ones go in-depth (just look at Quazis unbelievable completely event-based solutions to some of the most difficult programming algorithms), it is also very fast. But again, people complain: Heya, it is not as fast as C++. Well yeah, it isn't that fast, because it is much more comfortable to work with! Comfort always costs speed. But I have yet to see just one game that really hits the speed limit (no, I don't accept 3D-baubles, CC is a 2D game maker)

    In short: Don't hesitate, just do it. Make optimal use of hardware acceleration and fine tune your project to have an optimal balance between cpu and gpu load. Save often, but use a thoughtful save system (save to new files every x times, make backups and store them on different physical devices plus internet). If you don't demand something CC wasn't meant for, it will work. It will.


    I completely agree with tulamide. I've been working a .cap file for more than 2 years and everything runs smoothly. I am however, extremely cautious in my work. I save to a new file every time I save, and make sure to test everything for stability every time I add something new. Construct Classic remains a hidden gem, truly understood and appreciated by only the most dedicated users of this forum. The stackable shader pipeline is amazing and very underused/misused.

    There are a few real bugs which remain in Construct, namely family pv editing and something which causes random sporadic crashes on layout change.(I think it has to do with sound) + the odd memory leak here and there.

    Construct is not completely foolproof, but it works. It works damn well.

    There will not be a better suite than Construct for developing professional quality 2d games without programming. Construct literally serves you the core elements of a professional quality 2d game on a silver... no, gold platter. Construct not flexible? If you think that then you haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do.

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    I mostly agree with the previous statements. Construct is truly fantastic. It can do nearly anything one could need in a 2D game, though there are some browser-specific things, nothing truly important for most needs. I suck at programming, but CC lets me get Blight running really, really well with a lot of fancy things going on under the hood. My project is quie large, so I do run into some stability issues, but there are ways to plan around them very well. I know when it's time to save, and I know when it's time to backup. But there are so many things that would be extremely complex to program that are mere mouse-clicks away. And they're still flexible!

    HTML5 is neat, but it still isn't up to native performance, just like Flash never was. But CC is extremely capable, and I couldn't have made Blight in anything else for free. Or even cheaply, really. And my 6-year-old computer can run it at a near-constant 60fps. It plays nicely with release platforms (I'm on Desura, Indiecity, and Indievania), though API integration might be an issue if that is someone's intention.

    Fantastic software--it just needs some bug fixes and stability patches.

    I want be in Hidden Froum

    What should I do?

    Closing this thread, Construct Classic was retired a long time ago.

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