Interested in working on Construct Classic?

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    You need to download the latest common folder from the SVN.

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    Thanks but this does not seem to fix anything with express -

    Particle plugin for example says -


    1>Warning: compiler or settings not compatible with Construct Runtime ABI. Enabling workaround functions. See SDK docs on 'Runtime ABI'.

    1>E:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Include\mfc\afxwin.h(1227) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'afxmsg_.h': No such file or directory

    vector says -

    StdAfx.h(24) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'atlstr.h': No such file or directory

    etc... Are you testing this with express by the way? If so what else did you adjust to make it build?

    Right now it seems more is needed than the DDK fix. Microsoft Platform SDK is a different structure to DDK but it seems to find some parts, since it's a different version i am guessing it might have a different setup also though so the same instructions might not apply correctly.

    [quote:11bu4jqs]etc... Are you testing this with express by the way? If so what else did you adjust to make it build?

    just tried it by disabling all the include directories and adding those two. I get the same error as you are getting. It seems the windows SDK does not have all the needed files. My apologies, I thought I had tested it as working.

    I guess it just comes full circle back to how I was originally able to get it to work by using the Windows DDK to get the files. Others seemed to have had success with that method. I actually currently use the includes from the Window DDK to build the plugins and Construct's runtime. I presented the SDK as an option because it was a smaller download to get what I thought were the same files.

    This website was the guide I used. Check the comments for updated info. ... press.aspx

    I guess i will just need to get the Windows DDK then, i was trying to avoid it due to the fact it is 619.8MB size but i guess there is no way around it.

    The only concern i have right now is the fact DDK seems to now be Windows Driver Kit Version 7.1.0 (the page you link to) which they now call WDK. Hopefully this has the same structure and will work ok though. Thanks for the help R0J0hound

    I have now got this and have it working well now with the Windows DDK. Thanks again for the help R0J0hound.

    I've recently been interested in learning C++ so mabye one day I might try my hand at making a plugin, but not any day soon.

    Hi, I'm interested in Working on Construct Classic.

    Can you send me svn access? I can compile Construct and I have the prof-uis 2.84 commercial edition libs.

    My forum user name is blockcrisis

    please pm me with the svn. sourceforge's is out of date.



    The svn on sourceforge is the most up to date.

    The only thing that needs to be changed when compiling the IDE to be current is change the CONSTRUCT_VERSION_ID define in IDE\stdafx.h to 10102.

    I downloaded it from sourceforge svn and the code said it was r1 I'm looking for r1.2 code do you have it by chaance?

    Thanks in advance

    ok thank you never mind I didn't see that last part

    thanks for your help...

    hmm... I can't develop because don't know about c or c++...

    but When will be complited "Translation" funtion?

    I want to translate it, but ... haha...

    Construct Classic, please don't be dead! We love you!

    Construct Classic, please don't be dead! We love you!

    CC is far from dead ;)

    We love it too much :D



    I'd be interested in porting Construct classic to Linux and Mac OS X using a wine wrapper; were there already intents to do that, and how realistic do you think this is?

    (Please see my "introduce yourself" post or PM me for more details about my background)

    Kind regards,


    steipan, from everything I understand, both from what I've seen of the source, and from what's been stated by ashley, it's pretty much impractical.   it'd be close to the same workload as rewriting it from scratch. cc wasn't made to support the writing of alternate exporters and edittimes. if the wine wrapper thing is something else entirely, and doesn't involve writing an alternate c++ runtime or edittime, disregard all that I just said

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