How to include dll files with plugins automatically

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  • Here is how to automatically include dlls with your plugins. I found this in the xaudio2 source when I was making the audiere plugin.

    Add this to edittime.cpp after #ifndef RUN_ONLY

    // Dependencies
    // Add any DLLs your plugin depends on here.
    void WINAPI ETAddDependencies(MicroDependency& dependencies)
    	// Any DLL files added here are retrieved from the Plugins\Runtime directory, and compiled in to exported EXEs.
    	// When the EXE runs, the DLL is extracted to the current directory before loading your plugin, so calls such
    	// as LoadLibrary("example.dll") will succeed at runtime.  This greatly simplifies redistribution for end users.
    	// Eg.
    Then edit ConstructSDK.def and add this line
    [code:1iakkpxh]	ETAddDependencies		@15[/code:1iakkpxh]
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  • Awesome find, right up there with your Resource plug!

  • Have you tested this works? I can't remember if we ever finished the feature...

  • I have tested it as working with my Audiere plugin. The only other plugin I know of that appears to use this feature is the mod plugin.

  • Oooh, I'll have to include this with the next build of Noise.

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