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  • Hi there (AGAIN), to all!

    I wanted to know how can I combine IDE flags?!

  • Delimit them with the pipe character: '|'. It is on shift-\.

  • Thank you a lot.. I'm really sorry for posting so many questions lately. But I'm really trying to learn this.. cus I want to make great contributes to the foruns!

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  • One more question! I'm defining my at "Your edittime extension data goes here" for example:

    int myValue;

    and I want to use it in an action, but it says it is undeclared!! What should I do??

  • Declare an action in main.h, define it in Actions.cpp, and give it an ACE entry in ACE Table.cpp

  • its the "myValue" that is undeclared!! I don't know why I've declared the action in main.h and gave it an entry in ACE Table.cpp and defined it in Actions.cpp but when I used the variable myValue it sais it is undeclared (the variable, I mean)!

  • Did you define it in the right class?

    I have to say, if you didn't know about the OR operator and are having difficulty with member variables, it might be good to run through a few C++ tutorials to learn the basic principles. This is beginner level stuff, and really to use the SDK well you need to be better than a beginner...

  • I know the OR operator and I' used it ..but I used the double "|" like this:


    and it didn't work... and the variables I'm trying to define are to be global and used on all actions.

    thas was the only problem! And I've declared the variable. Thank you for supporting and motivating new people..

  • where are your variables declared?

    make sure they are declared in the file main.h


    class ExtObject : public CRunObject
    also make sure you begin any functions you've named yourself with ExtObject::youractionnamehere(LPVAL params)
    As far as learning as a beginner, and asking too many questions.   ask away, nonstop, if I don't answer it means I probably haven't had time for a detailed answer yet. I and others learned alot of the basics while learning to make construct plugins. Sometimes the answer might be "read a tutorial on such and such", but if you're determined you can learn to program using construct and it's SDK.  this is where I started learning to program in earnest, and I'm confident that if I had just been learning off regular, less exciting examples in tutorials dealing with text, and ugly command line stuff, I wouldn't haven't learned nearly as fast as I have.
    as far as this question
    I would say it's a good idea to google local and global variables, it's very easy to find them on google.  also  Class Inheritance.  It might not make alot of sense to begin with, but it'll give you a better idea of the forces at work that are stopping your programs from compiling.   if you see other words in the explanations that are mysterious to you, look those up, too.  Understanding the things that cause errors that don't have to do with your actual task are good to get out of the way early on.
  • Thank U

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