which function is "always" in behaviors?

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  • behaviors do things every tick without actions

    is there a certain function I use to do this?

    does it have to be a behavior to do this, or can I make objects that 'always' do certain things?

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  • OnFrame.

  • thank you rich,

    this is all very eye opening and awesome

  • Good to know that it isn't too hard to get the hang of.

    What exactly are you making?

  • Good to know that it isn't too hard to get the hang of.

    The SDK couldn't be more awesome.


    What exactly are you making?

    I'm making an engine that plugs into construct

    it's going to generate several types of procedural data (animation, graphical, behavioral, etc, etc)

    that I will be able to setup and save in a separate editor and then use within construct

    with high level commands, like "start animation("animation name")", or "pop up window("pause menu")"

  • Lucid is making Teh Awesome.

  • So sort of like a programming language? Perhaps you could look at implementing LUA instead?

  • [quote:34rfl3vm]Perhaps you could look at implementing LUA instead?

    as you may have been able to tell from some of my more newbish questions, I'm very inexperienced with programming. I took a class or two 9 years ago, and I've read half a c++ book here and there, but I have no real experience making something other than tutorials. The logic I'm using I understand completely, but I'm still looking up alot of pointer syntax on google frequently, and I'm only now giving real thought to #includes and such. so aside from learning how to make lua, I'd be learning how to use lua, and c++, and the sdk at the same time, and besides...lua's not what I need anyway:

    So sort of like a programming language?

    I'm sorry, not commands that you write out necessarily, but for instance, you have made animation systems in the editor, and saved your game file. Now in construct you can call an action from a character object, and the actions you call can be as high level as for sprite animations, but they'd be procedural and dynamic, with more options. And there will be environment objects for physics, and lighting with similar high level actions, conditions, and expressions. And so on and so forth for everything from AI to UI

    The idea is that after creating everything in the editor, you would include one of each of every engine object type, and at start of layout, you would call one initialize action on a main object that allows you to load your editor saved file, and initialize pointers to the different object types, and this one main object creates all instances of all objects, and snaps them together with pointers, and such, and set everything in motion. Amazingly, the main groundwork that I needed to work for the rest to work is mostly finished, and functioning stably. Wish me luck.

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