drawing polygons like sprite object

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  • I've been trying to extract what I need from the sprite plugin, but nothing seems to work

    I tried something as simple as:


    renderer->Quad_xywh(50,50,100, 100);

    and that doesn't work

    I also tried copypasting renderdistorted(...)

    but using my own distortion values, and nothing I draw renders anything to screen at all

    let's say I just want to draw a triangle at 3 points(x,y,u,v),


    and I have TextureHandle image;

    what do I need to do? bare minimum to get a triangle on screen,

    any help would be appreciated

    if it matters for now, I'm getting image by :



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  • Are you checking 'image' is not null? Otherwise AFAIK it'll just draw a white solid fill box. SetTexture and a Quad are all you need to get a texture on the screen though.

    (Note you should always check for NULLs - don't assume GetParamFirstInstance returns an instance - what if there are no instances?)

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