defining custom collision masks

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  • I really haven't figured much out about the way collision detection works,

    and it seems to be handled most by runtime functions, is there a way to define custom collision behavior for a certain object, as a bare bones example, let's say i want any point collision queries that fall between


    and x=10,y=10

    I want that to register as a collision, but anywhere else I don't, assuming some other object is checking for collision with this one, or vice versa

    is this possible to define that as an object specific collision behavior, or is there no way to do that?

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  • I don't see where this would be possible, unless you explicitly extend the collision options in general by extending collisions.cpp

    It seems that collision detections are not object oriented, but method oriented.

    Or you force your object to switch to no collision and handle collisions in on_frame, but I don't see how to take care of putting it to the sol if a collision condition is in use from events?

    Sorry for being so vague. It's not my terrain^^

  • Thanks tulamide. Yeah extending collisions.cpp is not an option, its a very specific use I need, and besides, the whole point is to make the collisions work in regular events such as the on collision event of another object.

    I ended up making a separate collision box plugin that will be created and destroyed by the original plug I was asking about, basically it needed multiple separate collision boxes. So itll track the boxes, and they can communicate back whatever relevant info is needed. It also makes for more readable events than it would have if I had to figure out how to make a single on collision event, and then separate conditions to deduce which box

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