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  • Hey all!

    Having a really tough time getting everything to compile in Visual Studio. Has anyone had success?

    Really trying to help a friend iron out some kinks in Construct.

    Like many, I am stuck not being able to reference the prof-uis library as I don't have it and the trial and freeware versions don't seem to be able to compile libraries.

    Another question I have is how/when the runtime code is actually executed. I believe I have it sorted to compile successfully but it crashes as soon as it starts. I believe it's because it doesn't have a .cap file to read.

    Any help whatsoever would be wonderful.


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  • Hi Kicks, I believe that you need the full version of Prof-UIS to compile CC sadly, but there were some forum members who had a license and were willing to compile updates a while ago. (Was that you R0J0hound ? )

    Very cool to see people working with the source <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Not sure about the second part, but it would probably be more related to Prof-UIS.

  • Kicks is helping me out by the way.

    We're trying to change how parallax works so it's calculated from screen center rather than the top left corner, which would make things like scaling the the window easier while still having everything behave. So any help on this would be MEGA APPRECIATED.

    Also some other things too, but thats te big one. :O

  • Hi Kicks and kayin,

    I missed this topic.

    You'll need the full version of the profuis lib to be able to build the ide. Jayjay while I can build the ide I have one issue that I can't solve that makes the builds unusable, namely comboboxes don't work.

    As for the second question the runtime exes have the game data inserted as a resource when CC exports.

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