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  • Hey Ashley I have some questions about the file structure of the cap project. Im probably gonna have quite a few of them. First one is how do you tell if an object is global and there should only be one instance of the object? Specifically in the case of the keyboard and the mouse object.

    NVM: found it. There is a little node down in the bottom called global instances. It might actually be better to have this as an attribute in the XML node instead. Same thing with the types. so you can have the name and the type of plugin it is as an attribute.

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  • Can you specify when you're asking about C2? It's confusing to tell what you're talking about otherwise - the 0.x .cap format is completely different to the C2 .capx/.caproj formats.

    If you have any more questions just ask - it should be fairly straightforward though. Note the format is designed to suit the architecture of C2, so it might not be totally convenient for your own purposes.

  • This is all about the .caproj format. its easy enough to parse the xml files into a game engine. some of the things being in their own nodes seems counter intuitive. Like it would make more sense to indicate if an object is global in its attributes rather than keep a list of them in a seperate node (at least in my mind) Im sure there is a reason for it though.

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