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  • As promised, I'm in progress (hahaha *snort*) of developing an alternative for the built-in MOD Object. Instead of diving head first for the open libraries I mentioned elsewhere, I have decided to write a wrapper for a very simple, but not entirely free library for use with Construct - un4seen developments' BASSMOD (free only for non-commercial use) - to get around the SDK a bit first. I've got about half of the actions up and the plugin already plays back supported modules and can be configured in-program to your heart's content. It is not in any way finished yet however. I'm more of a Delphi/Pascal sort of guy (you may laugh now) and I'm not very familiar with C/C++ development, so coding goes agonizingly slowly for me. This is literally "Baby's First DLL" material for me, so I'll probably show up with some n00b-level problems further on.

    For now, I've uploaded some example files - a .cap (0.99.62) project showcasing some of the library's functions with a pre-compiled .exe to go with it (to get it to play music - push Init, MusicLoad, MusicPlay), the unfinished plugin itself and the .dll file needed in the compiled executable's root directory.

    I intend to post the source files as soon as I run into some major difficulty (which should be anytime now, heh) and hopefully completely support the library's every function. When (If ;] ) I get it to work 100% correctly and reliably, I'll have a base to move on to with open-source libraries for module playback.

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