Arghhhhhhhhhh! Event Sheet Editor crashes again! [SOLVED]

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  • Hi guys,

    I'm building a plugin and some examples for it. It's the second time that I have to rebuild one of my examples because it crashes the Event Sheet Editor and I don't know if it's coming from my plugin or Construct.

    I would like to compile debug version of Construct to look into it but I need this lib file ProfUIS284ym.lib (I think I'm not the only one )

    Could someone provide me this file or a Contrusct binary with all debug information, pdb and other things like that?


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  • I know why it chrashed: when building plugins, don't mess up with the ACE table!

    All ACE entries must stay in the same order if you want to be able to load a CAP built with an older version of your plugin...

    Of course, missing entries are not allowed between 2 versions.

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