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  • I recently made the discovery of this great software just by chance, it's not widely known in French communities you see...

    It's a great work you are doing and all... I'm actually exploring the 0.98.7 version and I realized it was lacking a zooming option (I did notice Magnifye and Lens effects, the first not giving the effect I expected and the latter not working at all even though I do have Pixel Shaddder 1.4).

    As in "zoom" I meant for instance a zoom that would vary an object's size according to its position over a given axis ( kinda like in games in precalculated 3d like FF7, the character would shrink as he goes north in some maps). The zoom then would be applied to all elements including those out of sight.

    I also liked the render of Animal Crossing :


    I wandered if this kind of perspective could be obtained in 2D as well by applying a decreasing zoom from the bottom of the Layout to the top (meaning an object would look smaller if you are ahead of it than if you were next to it) but this would only apply to what is in sight then.

    That's all I'd liked to see in a future version of Construct, keep the good work ! I hope my english is not too bad to be understood ^^

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  • I'm pretty sure what you want is to scale your sprites, which you can do by setting the height/width. Here's a sample: http://willhostforfood.com/files4/632756/perspMover.cap (use arrows to move)

    Of course, if you want to get really fancy, you could do something like this:

  • Thanks !

    That's the result I expected, I think I'll stick with the first one thought...

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