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  • Hi!

    Would it be possible to implement Zoom-in / Zoom-out in Layout Editor? (like in Construct Picture Editor)

    I need this, because my project has big size and I wouldn't like to use several small layouts as well. Can this be done in nearest future?


  • i dont remember how to do it your mouse doesnt have a zoom wheel, but this feature is in there. try holding shift or cntrl and using your mouse wheel

    or + or _, or search the forum for when i asked about this same thing.

    its in there though

  • lucid, thanks a lot! Ctrl+Wheel really help.

    One more question. There is an option - "toggle grid". But the distance between points always remains the same. Can this be tuned?

  • There's an "Edit grid" button next to the toggle grid button. This brings up a little window where you can change the distance between grid points.

  • ...something strange with my attention. You are right, linkman2004, you are absolutely right! Thank you!

    P.S. maybe, it's better to ask in pm to avoid stupid questions? Thank you all, it's a great pleasure to see your polite helpful advices...

  • nah, alot of people are shy about asking questions in the board

    it's not like people who know the answers are annoyed by the presence of more questions

    when I first got here I asked a million questions, and half of the answers were on the wiki

    now I'm a super awesome construct badass

    and all for asking a million basic questions until I was really comfortable

    I'm not suggesting you don't check the wiki, and do the tutorials

    I'm just saying, don't hesitate to ask, even if you haven't read through every smidgen of information

    ask, ask, ask, and if someone says, "you should check out <a certain wiki or tutorial>" check it out

    and ask questions again next time you have em even if you didn't finish the whole tutorial

    and then ask some more

    on the boards, not in PM

    where more people can read answers if they have the same questions

    and you can get more varied answers from more people

  • lucid, thank you for nice words!

    In fact I don't like wiki, .cap file is much better. It looks like...plug-and-play. Change one parameter in code - receive new behavior or effect. The real visual help, like direct interaction between a techer and a student.

    One more question. My project will require a lot of objects. As far as I know, Construct show all objects (in "Objects" tab) without any folders. So 10 objects can be easily used, 50 - can be also, what about 100, 150, 200... Is there possibility to create several folders for different objects?

    I checked several .cap's - no any folders. So...it's impossible?

  • lucid, thank you for nice words...

    no problem

    [quote:1z6oqhmr]...Is there possibility to create several folders for different objects? ...?

    if you are using above 98.9 version

    then there is a project bar (defaults to the right side of the screen), which you can use to organize your objects, among other things

    just make sure you click on the project tab

    <img src="http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1013446/projecttab.PNG">

  • lucid, thanks, but I know about a project bar.

    What I would like to see in detail:

    • the possibility to organize objects in folders (as it done in a Project Bar) OR dragging objects from a Project Bar.
  • Nevertheless you can not drag an object from a project bar to a Layout Editor.

    oh wow.. never noticed that

    I have yet to make a large scale project

    hmmm..I'm not sure if this has been requested yet or not, (or maybe already a planned feature not implemented yet) but it might get lost deep in thread about zooming in and out

    might want to make this a separate thread or a request on the feature tracker

  • might want to make this a separate thread or a request on the feature tracker

    This feature is very easy to implement, so, I suppose, someday developers consider to develop this without reminder.

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  • you better put that on the tracker.

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