xaudio object peak level per loaded channel

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  • I didn't realize until trying to respond to a help post that when you get peak level per channel, it means left and right channel, and not the channel you loaded it to.

    I thought you could load 10 different things into 10 different channels, and get the peak for each to do crazy cool synchronizations of sprites with different music parts, or robots with light that light up according to the sounds they're making. instead it's left channel and right channel

    I understand channel means both of these things in many arenas, but we should also have some way of clarifying it, since you can mute channel 2 meaning the channel you loaded into the second slot whether it's playing out of the left or right side, and you can get peak level for channel 2 that includes anything playing out of the right side regardless of what channel you loaded it into. can be a little confusing

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  • I've amended the documentation to clarify this.

  • well I guess I forgot to request my feature

    I think you should be able to get peak level for each channel playing

    it could be very useful, and not just in music games

    characters could lip sync to the loudness of their voice

    you could have an accurate measurement of how loud something is

    if you wanted a model for when a npc should hear something

    of course with music games it opens up alot more interesting and intricate possibilities

    is the separate channel thing something difficult to implement?

  • It could be done, but it might use a lot of CPU taking volume measurements for a lot of channels running at once. I'll see.

  • thanks ash

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