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  • Hi kids, ... iZa6Wlpyn5

    I made this in 1 week. Starting from reading tutorials, over grafics, to actual code it.

    I suggest one of you kids do the same. With documented events,conditions and actions. Without using Phyton.

    So we beginners have a usefull tutorial, instead of the poor shooter tutorial we have now.

    Kids its time to stop protecting your knowledge. (Actual reading the forums; it looks like

    none of you can actual make something in Construct)

    Oh and i dare you to make this in construct. Lets say u can have 2 weeks to do the job ?

    Kids, time to talk is over. Time to do something has come.

    Succes !!!

  • This, to clarify for others, is a tetris clone made in game maker. I'm not entirely sure why you feel the need to pose this as a challenge, and I also think you're j0h under a new username, by the way (correct me if I'm wrong but we've only had one previous user with a Belgian IP). I think it's possible, but I'm not sure, you might end up running in to a bug or unimplemented feature that is required, because, and I emphasise, Construct is not yet finished. Also, I don't feel any particular urgency over when Construct will become a viable development platform, it's done when it's done.

    I know the ghost shooter tutorial isn't up to date, but why is it poor? Perhaps you could suggest some improvements or point out the places you had difficulty, so I can improve it.

  • Now we are 3 steps closer.

    You dont seem to judge me on my english ne more. Are we trough that now ? geez.

    Shame that i had to this to proove that i know what i talk about.

    Can we work towards a better construct now ? Your program has much potential.

    I said that before (althaught i know even this line is not gonna keep your adepts from writing nasty comments, as u need protection?).

    Can we do this step by step ?

    Step 1 ....

    The layers are such a beautyfull concept. They are the true power of Construct.

    They are easy to make and manage.

    U can create/spawn instances on a specific layer allready.

    Now finish what u started by making the "for each object" loop really usable

    make it "for each object on layer(x) "

    This solution for many problems is easyer then any other system to pick instances created at run time.

    Pick an instance is always difficult to implement.

  • That's already possible, just use two conditions:

    + For Each Sprite

    + Sprite is on layer X


  • I don't think you'll find anyone with a red tag criticizing or judging anyone by the way they write; language has nothing to do with concepts and ideas .

    With regard to your 'For each object on layer', you can use 'For each object' coupled with 'Object is on layer'.

  • Construct is in a public beta. Game maker is not.

    When construct is in public beta, I will take you up on your challenge if you want.

    Also python is an add on, an extra to expand Constructs capabilities, not a core feature that is required to make a game.

    We need some FAQ on those points because a lot of people seem to find it hard to understand. Maybe a "Public Beta" slogan under the logos or something to make it blindingly obvious.

    As for your game, it's pretty good but it's a bit ugly. It works well and could be quite fun. It's a good basic game to start from, I can see you're very proud of it so I will leave my comments there.

  • Not to criticize, but for a week's work that isn't really something to try and throw out as some sort of token of game maker's worth in comparison to Construct. There's no need to throw out things to try and prove how much better Game Maker is than a game creation program that is in beta.

    As for your English, I wouldn't be nearly as critical of you if I felt you weren't coming in here and making demands to try and get a game design program proven to you. Obviously for all of us, it has already proven it's worth, and that's why we believe in watching it grow and using it. None of us have made games in it? Well, I see a few in the creations section. But, the fact is that we are helping to find bugs most of the time and helping to see that Construct grows to be as good as the potential presents. Sure, some of us don't put as much time into it, but it is a great tool that will eventually build many games.

    If you want to make friends, I would suggest you fix your approach.

  • funny !

    Stay on topic

    This is not about game maker

    so this works ? ... iZa6Wlpyn5

    No need to compare game maker with construct.

    Well maybe a little, but only on the fact that i was able to create in 1 week, not seen the program before.

    so this works ? ... iZa6Wlpyn5

    lol i am proud on it .. its no more then a proove of concept.

    I have a full time job kids. FULLtime. lol.

    So back to the challenge too.

    If u critisize, then make it in construct, and make it better, else i suggest you read and drink coffee.

    so this works ? ... iZa6Wlpyn5

  • I bet you �100 I can make a better version of Tetris in Construct in 1 week than you.

  • also my dear friends (kiss kiss)

    2 make it better

    Make it. Work in group on it. Share the difficulties. Teach eachother. Work on a project thogheter.

    I showed u the game. Thats the challenge. Its easy, basic, no AI, rough but it has the basics.

    (still lolling proud on it, i am proud on the tv programs i make and thats it .. lol proud)

    Once you start, you will see that this is the perfect exercise.

    What is missing ? What is needed ? Where are the problems ?

    Stop acting as kids and really really be a help. I want to construct. Do you ?

    And it will not only bring bugs up (since thats what you do), but also bring workflow in the concept,

    and concept in the workflow.

  • Now, if you were intelligent, I would think you'd list the amount of hours in the week it took you, instead of trying to use the excuse of your full-time job to back you up. So "kid" how about you take Gullanian up on his offer? Also, about how many hours did it take you? I'm also glad you like my comedic skills.

    And Gullanian for the record I would bet you could make a better game than him

    You do realize how easy it is to make a tetris clone? I could probably make one in 2 hours.

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  • Well, how about I issue you with a challenge? Make this in Game Maker (I'll spare you pasting the link 3 times ). Or any tool of your choice, other than Construct. To be honest, I've no idea if Game Maker, or any other program, can do anything with pixel shaders and zooming like that, so it'd be interesting to know. I know Construct isn't done and has a fair few bugs, but I think the renderer is pretty good...

    Also I think there is good co-operation in the community as it is, a lot of people post their source .cap files so I don't get the impression people are developing in secret and not sharing their ideas/thoughts. Construct is open source, and as far as I can see on these forums, everyone is collaborating on the ideas and development together... you make it sound like we're all trying to one-up each other within the Construct community itself! Heh.

    Note: keep it civil in this thread folks - no need to start flame wars. j0h (aka thx4this4ndthat) and Exomarc, you are both warned: you are deliberately trying to provoke reactions or being mocking of each other: I will lock this thread if you can't go about this sensibly.

  • No problem Ashley.

    I dont want to create in game maker. Dont u understand ?

    The link is a .cap. Does it work as you suggested ?

    "For each object" combined with a "object in layer" ?

    I have seen the raindemo, but honestly, what is it worth when u cant control the actors in it ?

    When do u fix the "else" too ?

    You can ban me, i know u can based on IP, its ok dude. No hard feelings. You have to ban every belgian IP though. And there is still google translate to break trough the ban.

    But now for real. Does it work as u suggested ?

    Anyway i duck back in the crowd. Talk to you when u realize that i said nothing then the truth.

    Have a nice day, mine is after midnight, in other words its gone.

  • I'm not going to ban you, unless you do something stupid

    I don't understand your post, though:

    The link is a .cap. Does it work as you suggested ?

    No it's not... it's an EXE file...? The .cap is here if you want it, but it's a bit of a mess.

    [quote:3nzq7tmq]"For each object" combined with a "object in layer" ?

    I've already pointed out that this is very easy to do.

    [quote:3nzq7tmq]I have seen the raindemo, but honestly, what is it worth when u cant control the actors in it ?

    The actors? The player? You can move around with the arrow keys and click to shoot... it's interactive... are you just sitting there and watching it? It's a game!

    [quote:3nzq7tmq]When do u fix the "else" too ?

    It's on my todo list for the next build, I hadn't realised it wasn't working until recently.

  • j0h again?

    <img src="">

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