What's up with the ComboBox?

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  • Is anyone else having trouble with the ComboBox?

    I have no trouble populating it with data, but when it's clicked on, it immediately shuts back up, without allowing me to select any of the contents.

    I've looked at all the options for the object, but I can't see anything that I've missed.

    Is this a known bug?

    I'm using the latest stable build (99.42)

    Also, is there any news on whether we are going to be able to set the font size for the ComboBox and the ListBox?

    I know this has been requested by several people in the past.



  • It's a Windows Vista/7 specific issue that I reported a while ago, but it never got fixed, it seems.

  • That's a shame.

    I know that Construct is primarily aimed at game programming, but with the GUI elements in there too, it can be quite useful for mocking up Windows apps for testing.

    I'm finding that more and more, I'm trying to use these GUI for mock-ups, and because of either lack of functionality or bugs, I'm not able to do what I was hoping to do (again, I should stress that I'm talking about non-gaming programming here).

    Maybe they should take the GUI elements out of Construct, so the temptation isn't there to use them.

    Anyway, for this particular project I've gone back to Visual Studio, which is where I should have gone first really.



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  • This problem also affects Windows XP as well. I reported bugs for ComboBox and for ListBox Plugin on 7-26. Just can't get them to trigger on anything.

  • Yup,

    I havent check it out on the new Win 7 yet but

    had similar problems with it on both xp and Vista.

    Like you I too use Construct to quickly mock-up ideas

    rather then having to code in Visual Studio and yes the

    combo box has been a disappointment...I would keep

    checking it with each new version of construct and

    oh-well. I do alot of non-game constructing and just

    work around combobox issue with listbox and editbox

    and sometimes make it go invisible (listbox) kinda like

    a context menu...using a text object as tigger but

    this can get kinda complex so like you I do at times find

    myself back in C++ or VB humping code but I would hate

    to have them remove what eventually well be a very

    useful object. I see construct as so much more then

    a game-maker and my greatest fear is that it well slip

    into a specialty rut. If the developers think "oh its

    a game making app so lets take all these things out"

    then I believe a great idea well have just become

    a neat idea and what was AMAZING well fall to the

    status of pretty cool. So keep the combo box.

  • i highly doubt they'll remove those things, they're quick and useful little tools. but i wouldn't expect them to be finished anytime soon, they're probably low on the priority list of bugs.

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