Wall-Tracking Behavior

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  • Unless there's some really easy way to do this in Construct I don't know about, I think a Wall-Tracking behavior would be a great addition. "Wall-Tracking" as in objects that are fixed to platforms, and can only move around them. Maybe there could be a setting where the object rotates depending the platform it's on - ceiling, floor, wall, slope, etc.

    With this you could make On-Rails Racing games (Like that one level in Battletoads:Battlemaniacs), Enemies or other objects that scale the walls (Like Zoomers and Geemers in Metroid), weapons that scale the walls (Megaman X, anyone?), abilities that allow the player to scale the walls (Like the Spider-Ball in Metroid 2) and that's just to name a few. Your thoughts?

  • The Custom Movement Behavior has a function called slide, or push out.

    That will work if the object is always moving toward the platform.

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  • I'm pretty new to this, so maybe someone will have better advice, but what I might try is either the path movement plugin

    Or perhaps placing invisible objects that turn your objects on collision.

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