Video Memory Issues

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  • Typically I work on my games on a laptop with 34 megs of video memory (as opposed to my reasonably okay desktop). While this generally works fine, I run into video memory issues whenever adding effects. I fear over time with enough animations, I'll run into this even outside of that.

    Now, I can't expect magic. This dinky thing will never put out as many frames per second as my desktop... But I never take a performance hit. I always get a 'no'. Of course, this is beta software, so I'm not terribly surprised. Most aspects are great -- but I have to ask if there is any intention to better this situation and how much I could expect in the future (near or distant). Such advancements would make me a very happy camper.

    I mean, I can run half life 2 on this thing, even if it looks horrible.

    Thanks for all the good work and I hope my pestering is more helpful than annoying.

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  • The recent builds of Construct are optimised to use the lowest amount of VRAM possible - if you start adding effects it starts needing more VRAM, and if that VRAM isn't available, you're stuck and you simply need better hardware.

    Developing games in the IDE has higher requirements than just playing them at runtime. It's more likely you'll be able to play the finished exported game on a 32mb card, but for development, you need a better machine. I'd go for a 128mb card to be on the safe side.

  • Only if I could update my laptop's video card. Alias. But shouldn't some stuff be able to be off loaded into ram or even swap files? Of course this is a lot slower, but I think would be infinitely preferable (assuming it's actually possible). This would especially be tolerable for the editor it's self, which doesn't exactly demand to be super fast, unlike the game it's self.

    Well at least for me it's just a matter of convenience (my desktop has no problems), but I'm sure there's plenty who could benefit from such changes if they're possible and realistically feasible. Thanks, either way.

    If all else fails, maybe I'll just start working on my desktop over VNC.

  • There are certain types of texture which, as far as I am aware, simply have to exist in VRAM otherwise they cannot work. So I think there's very little scope to be changing this.

  • Alright, I appreciate the quick, honest answer!

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