Video capture program interfering with construct?

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  • I've had a serious bug show up twice that has coincidentally shown up each time I tried a screen video capture program (2 different programs). This time the bug happened after I uninstalled the program, though, but it was right before working on the .cap when the bug appeared.

    Could screen video capture programs interfere with construct? Or is it a coincidence?

    Edit: the bug mentioned is on the tracker as "WHACKED .cap".

  • In what way does it intefere?

    Construct will be drawing using DirectX directly on the video card - maybe their video capture software doesn't capture DirectX rendered windows.

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  • Check out the .cap. It's bugged is a lot of ways. ... id=1003219

    I really doubt it's the case, but it seems suspicious that that bug showed up each time I tried a screen video capture program - but as I mentioned, this time I had already uninstalled it before the bug showed up.

    Dunno, it doesn't seem likely that one of those programs could whack out a .cap that much, but it also seems less than coincidental. Thought I'd ask.

    Edit: forgot to mention - the screen video capture programs worked properly. It was the .cap that went crazy (though the screen rendering apparently was working properly).

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