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  • Didn't see this suggestion anywhere, and I haven't found it in Construct.

    I'd like to see some sort of vector object, similar to the custom collision tool in the physics behaviour.

    So that you can draw a basic shape using points, then call on that object later in events.

    It would be useful to make part of a background solid, for example, I have some tiles of grass and some tiles of water from the top-down perspective. There is also a half water half grass tile. It's easy enough to make the water solid so the character can't walk on it, but what about the half tile of water?

    If I could draw a shape over all the water in the scene, then I could make that solid and invisible.

    Bezier curves would be nice too.

    It makes sense in my head I swear

  • It's been brought up before, and it's probably not going to happen for a while.

  • bezier curves exist, you just have to code them yourself. check out my brother quazi's blobber engine demo thread. he used a bezier for the pipe connecting to the gun.

    -for your half water tile why not just use an invisible detector? its much easier than plotting a shape with points in an event..

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  • I wouldn't really suggest quazi's way of doing bezier curves. His code is incredibly complex and hard to understand(he forewent the use of the Qarp expression). Here's a simple example of bezier curves: Bezier Curves.

    Ultimately, I think quazi was using cubic interpolation which is why all the fancy code, but that's going to be in the next build of Construct.

  • As mentioned in the other thread, there's no good efficient way that I know of for drawing bezier curves with high performance in DirectX. The current best way to deal with different collision masks is to use separate invisible sprites for the colliding.

  • create an object that draws a polygon, when you give it x amount of points and give each points position it draws the gon, with a chosen fill and line colour (or just make polygon part of canvas plz!!!)

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